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Binance is founded on a few essential concepts, the most important of which is decentralization. All data on the Blockchain is completely unfettered and is not under the jurisdiction of a central authority. Content creators can receive Binance in return for sharing their work. Additionally, developers can create their own Tokens on the Binance network. These tokens can then be used in the network's user created decentralized apps (dApps). Binance main token is used to back the newly issued tokens. The network's ultimate step of development is to support Binance -based games. These games would be totally decentralized, with users rewarding authors directly if they enjoyed the game. Binance's consensus algorithm is referred to as delegated proof-of stake. In this system, transactions are authenticated by 27 super representatives who are responsible for keeping the transaction history. Super representatives are picked every six hours and compensated with a Binance Token created by the system. Every three seconds, a new block is added to the Binance Blockchain.

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