UnityMeta Token


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Does it matter whether I buy UnityMeta Token on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)?

Generally, no. Because there is a bridge that you can use at any time, the pricing of the tokens remain relatively the same. For example, if you purchase UnityMeta Token on the Binance blockchain, and then when you are ready to sell you see that the price of UnityMeta Token is slightly higher on the Binance Smart Chain, you can always bridge your tokens to the Binance Smart Chain and sell for the higher price. There is no fee to bridge.

Is the liquidity locked on PancakeSwap?

Yes. Liquidity is locked for 10 years on the Binance Smart Chain.

Is the liquidity burned on PancakeSwap?

Yes. Liquidity is burned & transfer it on zero / null address on the Binance Smart Chain.

How many liquidity locked on PancakeSwap?

85% token is locked & burned on Binance Smart Chain.

How many Token to be burned on every Buy / Sell / Transfer?

0.1% token to be burned from every Buy / Sell / Transfer.


Open: You don’t need to apply for anything or “open” an account. You just get access by creating a wallet.
Pseudonymous: You don’t need to provide your name, email address, or any personal information.
Flexible: You can move your assets anywhere at any time, without asking for permission, waiting for long transfers to finish, and paying expensive fees.
Fast: Interest Rates and rewards often update rapidly (as quickly as every 15 seconds), and can be significantly higher than traditional Wall Street.
Transparent: Everyone involved can see the full set of transactions (private corporations rarely grant that kind of transparency).


An exact definition of the metaverse may be hard to explain because of its depths, but most technology experts agree, that the metaverse is a vast network where individuals via their avatars can interact socially and professionally, invest in currency, take classes, work, and travel in 3-D virtual reality


  • Zero Human Factor;- The human factor is not taken into consideration. The smart contract is not dependent on anyone, and there is no way to prevent the platform from functioning
  • Referral Provides ;- There are no hidden fees, and all funds are transferred between members without any intermediaries. The contract balance is always a negative number.
  • Immutability of Conditions:- Nobody has the authority to ban you from the platform because the contract does not contain a provision for such a restriction.
  • Decentralization ;- Instead of having managers or administrators in charge, there are only creators who are members of the community on the platform, just like everyone else.
  • Instant Transactions ;- Profits earned by other members are transferred directly into your personal wallet. There is no hoarding in the system, and all of your earnings are yours to keep.
  • Transparency and Anonymity ;- Because the smart contract code is public, anyone can view the complete history of all transactions. This ensures that the conditions are pure and that the platform statistics are accurate.

How to Earn Bonus from UnityMeta Token?

You can earn money in UnityMeta Token by opening new accounts with certain financial institutions and participating in the digital token-based economy supported by bonuses. These bonuses will not end here; instead, you will be able to earn from various other offers based on your investment and profit.
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