For Open Community Review and Is Subject To Change

UnityMeta Token projects focus on tokens as a means to build network effects and help govern the network. The token sale is simply a bonus that can be used to facilitate distribution and raise money. it clearly states how many assets purchasers can get at each distribution stage. More details on how to design a token distribution block will be provided in the next section of the article. We are a sustainable and decentralized project that distributes wealth where it needs to be. Some % of each transaction is automatically sent to a charity picked by the community of UnityMeta Token.

  • Total Supply-99000

  • Lock - 81000 UMT

  • Burning - 9000 UMT

  • Team Reserve - 3000 UMT

  • Pro Players Rewards - 3000 UMT

  • Bounty Rewards- 3000 UMT

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